Journalists that cover Art:

Art Entertainment Music Performing Artsater

Angela Tewalt

Entertainment Reporter and Columnist at Argus Leader
Art Culture Entertainment Music Performing Arts

Emily Burnham

Arts and Culture Reporter and Columnist at Bangor Daily News
Art Entertainment Music

Amy Atkins

Arts and Entertainment Editor at Boise Weekly
Art Performing Artsater

Don Aucoin

Arts Reporter and Theater Critic at Boston Globe
Art Artists Music Popular Culture Popular Music

Sarah Rodman

Arts Reporter and Pop Music Reviewer at Boston Globe
Art Books and Literature Motion Pictures Music

Jeff Simon

Arts and Books Editor and Columnist at Buffalo News
Art Entertainment Music Performing Artsater

Brent Hallenbeck

Arts and Entertainment Reporter and Brent's Notebook Blogger at Burlington Free Press
Art Entertainment Museums and Galleries

Heather Gillers

Arts and Entertainment Specialist Reporter at Chicago Tribune
Art Classical Music Performing Arts

Janelle Gelfand

Classical Music and Arts Writer and Arts in Focus Blogger at Cincinnati Enquirer
Art Entertainment Features/Lifestyle

Michael Granberry

Arts and Features Writer and Art Notes Columnist at Dallas Morning News
Architecture Art Entertainment Performing Arts Popular Culture

Ray Rinaldi

Architecture Reporter and Arts and Entertainment Reporter at Large at Denver Post
Art Culture Performing Artsater

Donald Munro

Arts Critic and Columnist at Fresno Bee
Art Popular Music

Laurent Altier

Features Editor at GROUND
Art Culture Features/Lifestyle High Society Home Decorating

Molly Glentzer

Arts and Culture Reporter Society Diaries Blogger at Houston Chronicle
Art Features/Lifestyle Running/Power Walking

Roberta MacInnis

Arts Editor and Running Notebook Columnist at Houston Chronicle
Art Culture Entertainment Music

Erin Shaw

Arts and Culture Reporter at Island Packet
Art Editorial Page Entertainment Musicater

Quentin Young

Entertainment Reporter and Editorial Board Member at Longmont Times-Call
Art Culture Performing Arts

Ian Hand

Arts and Entertainment Reporter at Mail Tribune
Art Cultureater

Christine Dolen

Theater Critic and Sunday Arts Reporter at Miami Herald
Art Dance Music Popular Musicater

Jordan Levin

Arts and Entertainment Writer and Critic at Miami Herald

Graham Bowley

Correspondent at New York Times
Art Entertainment Human Interest Music

Charles Runnells

Arts and Entertainment Reporter at News-Press
Art Artists Entertainment Motion Pictures Music

Alexis Dow Campbell

On the Go Columnist and Arts and Entertainment Reporter at Patriot-News
Art Entertainment

Tom Weber

Lifestyle Reporter at Post-Bulletin
Art Artists Entertainment Features/Lifestyle

Brian Bingaman

Arts Entertainment and Features Writer at Reporter
Art Culture Entertainment

Mike Allen

Arts and Culture Columnist at Roanoke Times
Art Entertainment Motion Pictures Music

Carla Meyer

Arts and Entertainment Reporter at Sacramento Bee
Art Science

Edward Ortiz

Science and Arts Reporter at Sacramento Bee
Art Fine Arts

Kenneth Baker

Art Critic and Reporter at San Francisco Chronicle
Art Popular Cultureater

Karen D'Souza

Theater Critic and Arts Writer at San Jose Mercury News
Art Wine

Loni Stark

Contributor and Cofounder at Stark Insider
Art Entertainment Student/Alumni Interest

Ryan Hynes

Arts and Entertainment Editor at Tech News
Art Entertainmentater

Doug MacCash

Arts and Entertainment Writer at Times-Picayune
Art Entertainment Musicater

Bill Blankenship

Arts and Entertainment Editor and Reporter at Topeka Capital-Journal
Art Culture Food Local News Music

Brian Clarey

Editor in Chief and Online Editor at Triad City Beat
Art Performing Artsater

James Hebert

Arts Writer and Theater Critic at U-T San Diego
Art Entertainment Music

Karen Lindell

Assistant Entertainment Editor and Writer at Ventura County Star
Art Culture Horse Racing/Horseback Riding Museums and Galleries Performing Arts

Pia Catton

Arts and Culture Columnist for the Greater New York Section at Wall Street Journal
Art Entertainment

Stefanie Cohen

Arts and Entertainment Reporter at Wall Street Journal

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