Tom Webb

Editor in Chief at Bear Deluxe

About Tom

The co-founder of the Bear Deluxe magazine, writer and editor Tom has been on the Orlo board since 1993. A Portland native, Tom graduated from Vassar College in New York with a degree in economics before working nationwide on a presidential campaign. He then went into publications, marketing and development for various community-based nonprofit organizations before helping to start The Bear Deluxe. Webb has over 19 years experience in publishing and nonprofit management. For the past four years, Webb has worked as the main editor in the School of Extended Studies at Portland State University, where he has gained valuable skills in academic outreach and online marketing. Tom’s writing has appeared in The Oregonian, The Bear Deluxe, Oregon Tilth and Citadel of the Spirit: Oregon’s Sesquincentennial (Nestucca Spit Press). He also sits on the board of the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission and has served on grant panels for the Regional Arts & Culture Council and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement. Tom holds a BA degree in economics from Vassar College and professional certificates in project management and online strategies.

Tom writes about: Environment

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