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Leah is a writer, editor and human ecologist. Her interest in sea level rise and climate change adaptation is rooted in her studies at College of the Atlantic, where she earned a master’s degree in human ecology and a bachelor's degree in human ecology, with a strong applied emphasis on conservation biology and ecology and environmental law & policy. She focused her field work on island/wetland ecology and land conservation. She has over ten years of experience in natural resources planning and conservation, writing about environmental programs, and over 15 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, where she has worn several different hats—including a Smokey the Bear “Stetson” at Acadia National Park. She volunteered on a USGS watershed mapping study and wrote conservation plans for ANP while in graduate school. Leah focused her Master's thesis on land trust collaboration, gaining expertise in collaborative work groups (coalition-building, partnerships, peer-mentoring, mergers). Currently, Leah edits the National Wetlands Newsletter, a publication of the Environmental Law Institute, and serves as an official on local conservation projects. Leah also belongs to the National Association of Science Writers and the Society for Human Ecology. She lives in southern Maine. Find her wetlands blog

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