Noah Callahan-Bever

Editor in Chief at Complex Gaming

About Noah

Noah Callahan-Bever began working in magazines when he was 17, serving as the senior editorial assistant at NYC's ego trip magazine. By the time he began attending NYU, in 1997, he'd already spent the summer fact checking at VIBE. Through out college Noah maintained the position of contracted Writer-At-Large for VIBE's spin-off, BLAZE. In the years after leaving school Noah tried his hand at a number of related trades, A&Ring for a Sony distributed label and writing numerous programs for MTV and MTV News, however in 2002 he returned to magazines as the Editor-In-Chief of Mass Appeal. Eleven months later he was asked to be the Senior Editor of VIBE, which he did for 2 years before joining the staff of Complex as Deputy Editor in 2005. A year later Noah was promoted to Editor-In-Chief. When not ruling with an iron fist, Noah can be found residing in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn and wishing his building allowed pets. He really likes cats.

Noah writes about: Video/Computer Games

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