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It's not often in life that someone gets to not only make a change in careers, but also land his dream job, but that's what happened to Mike Futter. After leaving a life of nonprofit fundraising and grantmaking behind, Mike refocused his writing background and business experience into his true passion: video games. His love of the medium began when his parents brought home a TI-99/4A home computer (even if they did require half an hour with an educational cartridge before playing Alpine, Parsec or Hunt the Wumpus). Despite his parents' reluctance, a Nintendo Entertainment System made its way into the home during the holidays of 1985. Classic Capcom titles (especially Mega Man 2 and Duck Tales) became obsessions, Zelda was rescued time and again, and despite the madness they induced, those dam bombs were defused more than once. Decades later, Mike is finally where he belongs, writing about games from his home in New Jersey, where he lives with his amazingly patient wife and two wonderful children. At Game Informer, Mike is responsible for leading news coverage and analysis. He loves interacting with the community, so don't hesitate to email or tweet with hot tips or burning questions.

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