Mary Alice Stephenson

Contributing Fashion Editor at Harper's Bazaar

About Mary

Mary Alice Stephenson is on the pulse of fashion’s new direction; as a stylist, television commentator, spokesperson and consultant, she bridges the gap between the red carpet, editorial pages, fashion television and social media all while carving out her own unique path. With the growing need for chic perspectives outside the realm of fashion, Mary Alice has found a way to infuse her passion for beauty and fashion through work for companies as diverse as Harper’s Bazaar, Estee Lauder, Intel, Sally Hansen, Warner Brothers, Amazon, Talbots and USA Networks and as a commentator seen on CNN, Good Morning America, Oprah and The Early Show just to name a few. MDC catches up with the in demand glamour girl and multi-tasker to discuss the industry, the future and what it is like to navigate the delicate balance between high and low-end fashion in a world obsessed with style.

Mary writes about: Fashion and Wearing Apparel Fashion Industry

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