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I've been fascinated with everything technology-related and taking stuff apart for as long as I can remember. Got my first system, an Apple Macintosh Color Classic, around 1993 and became 'obsessed' with the Internet and computers towards the end of that decade, when personal websites on Geocities were all the rage and getting online required asking everyone at home not to unhook the phone. Curiosity and countless hours online led to some self-acquired knowledge of hardware, software, and later on to venture as an independent web developer. I landed on TechSpot back in 2007 to help with the Downloads and Drivers sections and have since moved to take on other roles. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and a Master's in Management. Besides technology, I enjoy sports (mostly soccer and MMA), traveling, gaming, grabbing a cold beer on weekends and just spending time with family, friends, my wife and baby daughter.

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