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Evan Lahti is Executive Editor at PC Gamer. His gaming specialties are shooters, multiplayer shooters, and indie games. His recent favorites are PlanetSide 2, DayZ, Tribes: Ascend, Far Cry 3, and Arma 3. Evan counts Starsiege: Tribes, MechCommander, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Counter-Strike 1.6, and Team Fortress Classic as his most influential gaming experiences.More than anything, Evan values the PC's world of varied communities: to Evan, machinima directors, speed-runners, military sim roleplayers, and obscure Doom mod message boards (like Chex Quest) are precious subcultures that don't exist anywhere else in gaming. Evan is especially drawn to co-op and emergent experiences, which explains his penchant for falling out of helicopters . Evan co-hosts a podcast about Arma 2, the Armacast.

Evan writes about: Online Gaming Video/Computer Games

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