Dash Anil

Contributing Editor at Wired Magazine

About Dash

Anil Dash is the cofounder of ThinkUp, a new startup in New York City which is building an app that makes our time spent online more meaningful. Dash is also cofounder of Activate, a consultancy which helps companies at the intersection of technology and media. He is recognized as one of the earliest and most influential technologists in social media. Described as a “blogging pioneer” by the New Yorker, his site Dashes.com has been running continuously since 1999, acting as a platform for his activism and perspective on technology, policy, pop culture and media. Prior to his current work, Dash has been a columnist for Wired magazine, founded Expert Labs with backing from the MacArthur Foundation to encourage public engagement with lawmakers and the White House through use of social networks, and serves on the board of Stack Exchange and the New York Tech Meetup. Dash also advises a number of startups and non-profits, and takes advice from his wife Alaina Browne and his son Malcolm.

Dash writes about: Computers Gadgets Information Technology Industry

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